My studio

Single use of needles and disposable materials such as grips and ink caps

Offering a clean and friendly environment.

Groups of families, men, women, all with their own background,...they all visit the studio in comfort and style.

Most of the work I do is custom artwork drawn or modified by myself in efforts to spread individuality among clients.

Customers are encouraged to bring with them any referance material or ideas they might have. I'll take this and mix it with my own ideas and thoughts.

I Always work on appointment

Most tattoos require designing prior to tattooing, that is why we only work on appointment.

If you can not make it, or you have second thoughts, please let me know in time. The Tattoo-Studio offers you a clean and friendly atmosphere with no drama.


Born in 1979. I grew up in Werchter and went to school in Leuven I studied science and maths in Paridaens and economy at the university in Leuven. At the conservatory in Leuven I followed music and piano since I was 6 years old. Drawing and painting were my passion all my life. SO....I wanted to do something creative. In 2002, after studying the art of tattoo in Michigan, USA, I started my shop in Leuven .

A few years later I found the perfect studio and you still can find me there